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Great gamePosted by Salahudin Ariffin 2015-05-13

Just....can u please make it offline and perhaps lower the cost to buy the other ultras and perhaps add places to fight like planet ultra or anything....lastly add some other ultramans please...anyways great game love it!

thumb up!!!!Posted by Mohd Syakir 2014-12-25

nice game.. in my opinion u guys should put other fighting arena n a lots of monster.. dont forget to put others ultraman such as TIGA n COSMOS.. cant wait till ur next update.. keepitup u guys..

i loved it, this game is a mustPosted by amor kurniawan 2014-12-10

dear dev, more ultraman, more monster race are better, easy to play and pretty fun ... would be great if it can buy coins from other than debit n credit card ... great games ...

PlacePosted by Aamirhaziq388 Aamirhaziq388 2014-12-19

I like this game...but this game has one problem...the fighting place.. Its too boring...please add another place like city,island,moon,beach n another... OK...thanks

It is not just about ultramanPosted by Drayson Lim 2015-01-01

It's the effort they had put in to bring us this game. With our support. They will get more sponsorship = more add ons. Keep it up. I am loving your games.

UltramanPosted by Willis Wright Sr. 2016-12-26

The resn I 5 star this is becuse ultraman has lazerds and there are so many like Jack,Seven,Zoffy and ultraman. Oh I Love ultraman he is from Nebula M78

One of the best Ultraman gamesPosted by Jimmy Guadalupe 2015-01-09

Definitely one of the best Ultraman games I've ever played. Then again, if you can also let players play the game offline, it'll definitely be better.

Posted by Syed Hakimi 2015-01-03

Great game but can you please add more ultraman like ultraman dyna,ultraman tiga,and ultraman gaia please. I will appreciate if you add them...

Nice!!!Posted by Azmi Safwan 2014-12-25

Must played game for ultras fan. ....Also need some upgrade for character such as detailed and new power. And also playable kijau characters

Great game, but......Posted by M. Muttaqin 2015-06-13

I like this game very much, but the cost of heroes and upgrades are soooo expensive. But this is the best game i ever played.

Awesome Ultraman Game EverPosted by Ryan BlackWolf 2014-12-30

Create more ultraman characters... and a Facebook login special ultraman like Ultraman Mabius... more money ...pause option

The control sucks and battleground is too smallPosted by Teh Tat 2014-12-24

And the upgrade sistem is weird but I like this game so much I hope it will be fixed at the next update.

Ultraman brotherPosted by Gat Han 2015-07-19

Ilike ultraman brother like zoffy ultraman seven jack ace and taro but is hard to get another charqcter

Posted by hairil starz 2016-04-18

I LOVE TJIS GAME....Why you all not like this GAME? I like this game because it Best GAME A WORLD!!!!!

Posted by Mia Dass 2015-09-16

Permainan ini sangat bagus kalo gak di dowlod rugi sendiri lebih seru ini dari pada ultraman galaksi

Ultraman rumblePosted by Ashok Gite 2015-02-22

Wow the game is so much cool but the cosmos ultra man is not there to play I gave this game 5 star

Posted by Eloy Pogi 2015-05-10

Much better if this game can play online hen offline .but the game is very very goood 5star

Posted by Dee Martin 2016-06-05

Fun and addicting game but at the worst times the game will glitch to where you can't move

Add more contentPosted by I LOVE satria 2015-08-13

Please Add more content like monster , ultramans and places to rumble , thank you :)

Very happy to play this gamePosted by Peter Dunggat 2016-09-11

Although, I wish there more ultraman brothers. I love their cute little body!!! :-) :-)

Very coolPosted by Syirhan Sahril 2015-04-10

I never play this game my friend told me to download this game very cool I give 5 stars

The ultraPosted by mahesa prayata 2015-01-30

Please make the ultra shape become the real one not like that but it is so fun 5 star

EASYPosted by Kafka Mory Altamis Altamis 2014-12-24

This Game Is So Easy LOL And I Reach Wave 27 Thanks For Making This Game 100 Stars!

Posted by Joe Mak 2014-12-15


AsomePosted by you han 2015-01-21

This game is all of me I can play all the time is so fun please play this game.

Great gamePosted by Afif Danial 2015-03-18

Great,my younger brother really like it.But it's great if you make it offline.

Fun but...Posted by Muhammad Afiq Azizi 2014-12-20

Need more gamemode and better controls . Love the cuteness of the characters

Go f u c k your mom DWEB.Posted by A Google User 2015-01-06

S t u p i d game.. How you crate this cannot play..go to d i e D W E B.!!

Ultraman gamePosted by Hirafaz Zamzami 2015-03-30

I like this game but could you give it more ultraman and monster please

Love it but ...Posted by derrick cheong wye hong 2014-12-21

Add more Ultramen, Monster and Alien. Edit the space of the arena. Pls

like it and funnyPosted by abdul rahman 2014-12-27

even though just watched from friend..but it quite funny..awesome

Suka mainPosted by Mohamad Rasydan 2016-02-11

Saya suka main ultraman macm budak kecik saya memang budak kecik

Dude!!!Posted by mungosmungo8694 2015-01-05

Would love to see MORE ultras in the game, but this is awesome!

Add more placePosted by Saiful Habib 2014-12-20

This game is fun but please add more place to fight...thanks..

Nice butPosted by Marry Hung 2015-08-08

I love this game so much but i always die come on fix this

Awesome awesome awsomePosted by Shreyas bhamidipaty 2015-09-25

Epic war between my troops and the others so so damn epic

Ultraman rumblePosted by donabel herrera 2015-12-19

This game is the best and fightcooler than other games.

Ultraman Royal RumblePosted by Krishna Bayu 2015-05-01

The character is very cute and easy to play. Rate 5!!!

Posted by Mohd Razmuzarudin 2014-12-16


Good and awesomePosted by Daniel Andrew 2015-07-19

This game is zoo cool and the ultraman is so tiny lol

HackPosted by Gamerz LoL 2015-03-12

Because I can hack it but please put another ultraman

5 bintangPosted by Asad Ikhwan 2015-01-06

Hoho.. Terlalu cute watak2nya dan senang utk di main.

Posted by Farros Muhamad 2015-11-01

Aku suka ini Dan bisa di rooot memakai game killer

GoodPosted by Abd Wahadi 2015-07-26

But so hard to get money and the monster strong to

AwesomePosted by Suman Kansal 2015-03-09

I m the fan of ultraman l like this game very much

WoooooWwwwwPosted by Evi Lutfiani 2015-02-21

I like ultraman.I think is the best game ultraman

Best gamePosted by Aafzzan Hacker 2015-05-22

You need + more ultraman like zero tiga and dyna

Ultraman RumblePosted by Jen Hson 2014-12-28

Nie game for me and my friend.It is a good game.

Posted by Mohd Syahdan 2014-12-23

I like the game because the game is my favourite

Good game but.....Posted by tHe iNsPeCtOr 2015-01-12

Can you make hard level?it would be really nice

Posted by Dev Nadhir 2015-01-01

it was very first ultraman game on android cool

Posted by Wila Yah 2016-04-12

Ultraman Rumble is most popular i never seen!

Ultraman rumblePosted by Roel Calimotan 2015-03-20

This game is fun this my favorite game now,

Perfect butPosted by Wistara Gotama 2014-12-20

Please add more ultraman,monsters,and place

this is amazingPosted by khoirul murtadlo 2015-10-24

the ultraman is very cute and tiny. great!

Great gamePosted by Razmi Ihsan 2015-01-03

great game. my kids really like this game.

FunPosted by Stanley Satrya Sahetapy 2014-12-28

Lucu juga nih game... lumayan menghibur...

LovePosted by Jimuel Almariego 2015-09-05

I love it so much better than others game

Closest game ever madePosted by Jalen Tripplet 2015-03-24

If you haven't played this game your lame

AwsomePosted by Uddin Mazlan 2014-12-15

This game is very very very best!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Izmeer 2014-12-15

Add more monsters and lvl up all full lvl

Posted by Ybarra Moreto 2015-03-20

Ultra dynamite the same time as a result

Posted by Muhamadnasir Nasir 2016-03-03

This game so best and love ultraman ace

Finally!!!Posted by Ethanzilla 2014-12-31

A real ultraman game not no dam puzzles

Mendingan off linePosted by bilal kisarage 2015-02-07

Bangsat emang ini game gk bisa offline

AwesomePosted by Charlie Chun 2014-12-24

Wahhhh ...very good game and very cute

ULTRAMAN!!Posted by Panagiotis Papadopoulos 2015-01-12

Super ultraman game ever for android.

Love itPosted by Amer Reaza 2015-01-07

Can you please add some new ultraman

KerenPosted by A Google User 2014-12-23

Keren banget games kamu harus instal

The game bestPosted by Areefa abizar 2016-09-06

The game so best because it so hard

Internet problemPosted by Azizi Abdullah 2015-05-30

I don't wan the internet connection

Best ultraman gamePosted by Cung Cung 2015-01-29

Man this game is way to fun to quit

Posted by Naqib Nawfal 2015-01-23

So gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Cool coolPosted by Jourdan Spencer 2016-07-29

This is cool best I think their is

5 starPosted by Jamaliah Abdullah 2015-06-02

So cute and what the best game!!!!

I RichPosted by Al Farrel 2015-02-21

my coins is 999999999 I cheat dude

Posted by Musang Buntuttiga 2015-01-04

Best ultraman game for andro......

It goodPosted by Alkhaliq Uzair 2015-10-25

I like this game i give five star

Great Game for Kaiju FansPosted by godzillaVs kingkong 2015-08-16

I love everything about this game

GamePosted by krisnawan krisnawan 2015-08-01

Awsooooooooooom and GOOD and gold

Posted by Dayana Syairah 2015-01-17

Is so good and amazing I loved it

Good gamePosted by Chandra KicauMania 2015-09-06

Please make it this game offline

cutenessPosted by Ethan Gabriel Carrera 2015-05-07

all ultra man characters at cute

Posted by Yanti Erun 2015-05-02

Ultraman Mebius.Mohammad Fazdley

GreatPosted by Farith Rosli 2015-04-10

What a very fun game i have play

Posted by Daymon Ghieuw 2015-01-07

I've been waiting for this game!

GreatPosted by Hiero Odenthal 2016-02-28

great ultraman game , i love it

Posted by Kunal Tripathi 2015-03-08

Pls make digimon games !!!!!!!!

Posted by philip soo 2014-12-12

no pause , no setting for sound

Posted by Deldel Liit 2015-06-23

This game is fun,cute and cool

Posted by Muhd Firdaus Mohd Azlan 2015-02-27

I likeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttt

AwesomePosted by Geo Fzer 2014-12-22

Ples add more heroes and power

Posted by Amir Asyraaf 2014-12-21

This game is best for business

So cute..Posted by Furqan Mohd Desa 2015-06-02

Best but need stamina to play

AwesomePosted by Eric Jr 2014-12-27

This is a nice game,i like it

Ultraman ia cool gamePosted by Mesakh Nixon 2015-03-13

I hope my can play this game

CrazyPosted by Dragonssgz YT 2015-02-28

Awesome Shoat I am ultra man

add more kaijin n ultramanPosted by fitri anuar 2015-01-06

more is better n interesting

FunPosted by Souya Tempe 2014-12-22

I thought the earth is round

Posted by Mega Mahendra 2015-08-22

Game ini sangat lah menarik

Best Ultraman gamePosted by susanto asin 2015-01-10

Plizz.. Add more place ^ ^

Posted by Farid Ameer 2014-12-16

Like it so much when I baby

BEST APP EVERPosted by Antasari Cakra 2016-02-08

But can you add more maps?

Teun ban tePosted by Yulia Shahabuddin 2016-01-31

This is the best game ever

Posted by Rexy Sukadi 2015-04-30

Chibi Ultraman, me like it

ultraman rumblePosted by Shuhadah Pailang 2015-03-08

so best just download easy

Love itPosted by Papai Junior 2015-01-10

Among The best of the best

Posted by William Andre 2014-12-29

Eek kuda tai bada jongglok

BagusPosted by Reno Hanggara 2014-12-20

Tapi ultramannya kekecilan

Posted by Anisah Sahid 2014-12-07

Best app for ultraman fan

Posted by A Google User 2015-04-04

This one is a great game!

Awsome gamePosted by Amirul Aiman 2015-02-11

But can u make it offline

Enjoy itPosted by Aminuddin Yusoff 2014-12-23

Hope you add an character

So sunPosted by Bujang Bujang 2014-12-10

This games so good i like

Posted by Tuckon Chong 2015-11-12

Is there a 2 version plz

Posted by Fox MinecraftPE Gaming 2014-12-14

Best but have 4 ultraman

Posted by Christian Punzalan 2016-02-04

This game very biutiful

Great gamePosted by Danish Fitri 2015-08-19

The ultraman is so cute

Posted by Caprice Tuakoi 2015-09-12

My son loves that game

Thank yourPosted by Lyza Lyza 2015-04-06

I really love the game

OokPosted by fareez izwan 2015-01-09

Game INI sungguh hebak

Awesome gamePosted by Kentez Ferguson Ferguson 2015-06-11


Altraman kingPosted by see tha 2015-03-09

This game is howesome

GoodPosted by Maznim Mazin 2015-02-15

This is a good game:]

Posted by sufi irfan 2014-12-08

its so good i like it

Posted by Dio Ramadhan 2015-09-05

omg i love this game

Awesome GamesPosted by Muhd glizda 2015-01-05

LiKe Ultraman mebius

Posted by Marvin Jonathan Samantha Kristalyn 2014-12-29

I'm Ultraman fans!!!

Very cool!Posted by Ellie Ajha 2014-12-17

This app is awesome!

Ultraman rumblePosted by MiraeDora Lala 2014-12-17

So Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Farah Rahmat 2014-12-16

It so best.i love it

WowPosted by John Ferry 2016-06-20

This is a good game

Ultramazing!Posted by David Leon 2015-09-22

Very funny and cool

HahahaPosted by Zaharuddin Zainal 2015-07-26

Good,i like it.....

Ultraman rumblePosted by edgar silverstone 2015-03-24

Love it very much!!

ULTRAMAN RUMBLEPosted by John Tihon 2015-03-22

Good game i love it

Ultraman rumblePosted by Abang Long 2014-12-23

Memang best game ni

ZaimPosted by Mohdzaim2014 Zaim 2014-12-22

Wow ....... i like

Shok oPosted by Amirul Rashid 2014-12-20

Babi shok gila babi

Lols!Posted by Haziq fikri 2014-12-20

Great app well done

not workPosted by Diana 2015-04-15

loading first time

Diego. GonzalezPosted by Margarita Garcia 2015-02-20

Thanks for sharing

Posted by Noh ayuki 2015-01-04

Wow!!!nice game...

XiihfiPosted by Sabariah Marwan 2014-12-19

HTTP Godzilla fair

n_nPosted by Abe Din 2014-12-18

I really like this

Posted by Maz Isa 2016-06-09

I like this game

Posted by abd rahim zurina 2015-09-12

Multraman Mrumble

Posted by Fanny Novita 2015-03-19

Wo9oooooow awsome

UltramanPosted by Ehsan Plant 2015-03-12

Cool awesome game

Posted by Muhamad Jasman 2015-02-01

I love it so much

arminhiorinPosted by A Google User 2015-01-04

the best game bro

UltramanPosted by Carlson John Arboleda 2015-01-01

That is adventure

Ultraman rumblePosted by Farah Hanim Yusoff 2014-12-16

Its so cool...!!!

Posted by kharil azhar bushari 2014-12-07

Ultraman bettles

GreatPosted by Hansen Orlando 2015-12-12

I love this game

Posted by Yoona Lim 2015-06-22

Lol is pro games

I love altramanPosted by Azim Jundek 2015-05-08

Altraman is good

Saya menggukai permaina iniPosted by Hafiz Muin496 2015-03-22

Ilove i ultraman

Posted by Mohd Nassir 2015-03-13

My son love it..

AwesomePosted by LEGO Batman 2015-02-07

Ultra man rumble

Posted by Veysley Deour 2015-01-04

I love this game

Nice gamePosted by Iqbal Irfan 2014-12-28

Dids is best bro

Posted by Azfar Yuziman 2015-07-06

Ultraman Rumble

Posted by Khadil Shah 2015-06-20

Ultraman Rumble

LolPosted by Zul DarK Link 2015-02-06

Ultra is my fav

Posted by Leeza Mr.R 2015-01-22

Ultraman rumble

The best ultraman gamePosted by Azim Muzammil 2015-01-10

This is great..

Posted by Kimberly Bernard 2015-01-09

Awesome. Game

Posted by Nazrul Lufti 7 2015-01-01

I like ultraman

Posted by Ain Aimuni 2014-12-21

I like ultraman

√√√√√Posted by kasim kahar 2014-12-18


New ultraman plzzPosted by Pncinta Wnita 2014-12-14

I give u 5 star

Posted by Emy Milya 2016-02-04

I love it game

Posted by Yop Petai Shahri Abdul Karim 2015-06-13

Very best game

WowPosted by sal uchiha 2015-05-29

Cool animation

AweaomePosted by A Google User 2015-04-05

Very very Cool

Best gilerPosted by A Google User 2015-01-17

Tapi tak hidup

Looks awsomePosted by elikanah omari 2015-01-03

Game ni kaaali

Posted by 2016-12-25

Very adventure

REGA NAMBANG REJOPosted by 2016-12-13

Ultraman nexus

Ultra tremblePosted by Sesan Abolude 2015-06-11

Awesome dudes

GoodPosted by Mohd Azlie Azlie 2015-03-02

Best the game

wowPosted by faiz hebat 2015-01-01

the best game

!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by christine yen 2015-12-27

It,s offline

Is nowPosted by Sensen Dion 2015-12-15

How are you?

HiPosted by Huixuan Qiu 2015-05-18

C ool ryjuyd

AmirPosted by Amir Haziq 2015-04-30

game is cool

Its okPosted by Azrin Daniel 2015-03-18

For children

DddPosted by Shaini Sgah 2015-02-14


Posted by Gde Satria 2015-01-19

utarmen gila

Posted by amar amin 2015-01-09

Let's Rumble

Posted by Tizz Amee Ismail 2014-12-17

Adam muqrish

NazminPosted by Nazminshah Aslan 2014-12-13

Nazmin. shah

ImranPosted by Dia Huzaima 2014-12-09

Lima bimtang

AmzarPosted by Cikgu Ain Yusofe 2016-05-20


StupidPosted by Danny Aman 2015-07-26

Very stupid

Anas yafithPosted by Fatin Nur Athirah 2015-03-06

Anas yafith

Ultraman rumblePosted by PewDiePie Big Fans 2015-03-06

Really cool

Posted by razali mohamed mohamed 2015-01-11

LOve is dpl

This gamePosted by Amirul Hakim 2014-12-09

very ohsome

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Permainan tindakan utama dari M78.
Ultraman Fans tidak bisa Miss ini!
Melawan gelombang tak terhitung Ultraman klasik saingan.
Mari kita menyelamatkan dunia bersama-sama.
-kontrol sederhana, tindakan yang kuat, kuat Ultra Spesial.
-3D penuh Next-Gen grafis.
-Berbagai cara untuk PowerUps pahlawan Anda.
-Karakter tak terbantahkan pesona, animasi dan efek khusus.
-Efek suara besar.

The Ultimate Action Game from M78.
Ultraman Fans Can't Miss This!
Fight against countless waves of classic Ultraman's rival.
Let's save the world together.
- Simple Controls, Robust Actions, Powerful Ultra Specials.
- Full 3D Next-Gen graphic.
- Various ways to PowerUps your heroes.
- Undeniable Charm Characters, Animation and Special Effects.
- Great Sound Effects.

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