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UltramanPosted by Willis Wright Sr. 2016-12-26

The resn I 5 star this is becuse ultraman has lazerds and there are so many like Jack,Seven,Zoffy and ultraman. Oh I Love ultraman he is from Nebula M78

Can'tPosted by Siti Muzakirrah 2016-12-23

I can't buy a ultraman at all can you lower the cost please and the game is very good

I hated this gamePosted by Hafiz Fiz 2017-01-09

This stupid game is stucking

Posted by 2016-12-25

Very adventure

REGA NAMBANG REJOPosted by 2016-12-13

Ultraman nexus

Posted by 2016-12-26

Ultraman. X

pornoPosted by Yusuf Sanchezs123 2016-12-25

full porno

just nicePosted by Vv Test 2017-01-06

Not bad

Posted by MOHD YASSIN BIN KUPUN - 2017-08-31


Posted by Angga Okey 2017-08-08

Losing lama

Posted by 2017-08-03

Ableh To

....Posted by khairul nizam 2017-07-23

I love this game.I like it.

Posted by Jammin' DL 2017-07-18

Loved it

Posted by Justice League 2017-07-13

Pacific Rim vs Ultraman Games

Posted by ROY CHEN 2017-07-12

good game

Posted by i like this video from hywyn alfred 2017-07-07

Ultraman is good

Posted by Che hazimah Che omar 2017-06-25

Very bad

Posted by Amsyar 2006 2017-06-24


Posted by Chris Smith 2017-06-20

This is better than part two because the level design is actually a level and not just a grid. There's more diversity in the monsters you fight and there's no cooldown on your roll. Implement all these things in part 2.

Posted by dom nico 2017-06-17

I like it because this is my childhood long time ago when my age was 4 i loved this now im 10 and i loved it still..it is a good game

Posted by Vivo Y21 2017-06-09

It very fun

Posted by 2017-06-08


Posted by Alya Bella 2017-05-27

Malay. I'sn???????????

Posted by Lee ros Kaipin 2017-05-23

I cannot play when Im try to open this app

Posted by 2017-05-19


Posted by Novita Eka Kusumawardani 2017-05-09

hated it

Posted by Zero Chronicles 2017-04-27

Good but please add new ultras like ginga ,zero,x,orb,tiga,dyna,agul,80,and all if you can do that i will suport you ☺

Posted by Izzatsaiful46 Izzatsaiful46 2017-04-23

Awesome game

heyooooPosted by Saiyo Sai 2017-04-23

ble ble ble

Posted by Danish Emran 2017-04-22

Why i cant download this app

Posted by Alex P 2017-04-18


Posted by Jerry Loo 2017-04-07


Posted by Tommy Wong 2017-03-23

Likes play

Posted by ditsa ditdo 2017-03-22

offline please

Posted by 2017-03-22


Ultraman!!Posted by 2017-03-20


Posted by ITS EXPLODING CREATOR FC Club 2017-03-16

It okay but kind of boring

Posted by Decoy Vasquez 2017-03-12

Its good but pls next time add more modern ultramans pls

Posted by Joy Ann Santos 2017-03-07


Posted by Habsyah Md Aris 2017-02-25

Just for fun

Posted by Bibi ujin lonia 2017-02-20

You dabel dap

Posted by Rohayati Yatie 2017-02-08

Stupit game over

Posted by Azhaniza Jamaludin 2017-01-28

Its great. Can you make the loading faster.

Posted by Syah Zaidan 2017-01-28

It was funny and adventure game that I had play

Posted by Alagu T 2017-01-27


Posted by nicholas khaw 2017-01-26


Posted by here elop 2016-12-26

Ultraman. X

Posted by Nur Alin 2016-12-21

Posted by Angela Tee 2016-12-11

Best game ever

Posted by Naem Azman 2016-12-07


Nur ainPosted by Ain Wani 2016-11-30


Ultraman more like ultimate manPosted by Andre Brown 2016-11-24

Ultraman for Life hashtag Deez Nuts ha, got'em

Posted by Nadeem Na'il Ismail 2016-11-24

Can you make this game unlocked all ultramans?

GoodPosted by Amit Shandilya 2016-11-23


Enak mainyaPosted by 2016-11-20

Bagus,enak,Dan seruuu lagi

Jor danPosted by Naga Api 2016-11-15

You stuped not this game stupid stupid

Posted by tia hendio 2016-11-07

Ultramans cute

Ultra kidPosted by Safirul Amar 2016-11-06

Love ultraman

Posted by Arfdym Mi 2016-10-29

This is a best game

Posted by Temsulemla Changki 2016-10-28

Hate it

Ok.Posted by Laily Z WAG 2016-10-28


More ultra heroesPosted by Muzudan Otaku 2016-10-25

I love this game because i am ultraman fans...i just want more ultra heroes and i hope this game can be play in offline

CoolPosted by Shane Chynna Morano 2016-10-22

So cool I love it

Posted by Hans Yopie 2016-10-15

Not good

utramanPosted by 2016-10-12

i like ultraman and love to. so fun and enjoy the game

AwesomePosted by Geo Fzer 2016-10-04

Please make it offline

Posted by wan proo 2016-09-29


Posted by Radi Nelaj 2016-09-29

Need camera multi angle

jjhhhPosted by niqz liey 2016-09-29


Screenshots & Video


Permainan tindakan utama dari M78.
Ultraman Fans tidak bisa Miss ini!
Melawan gelombang tak terhitung Ultraman klasik saingan.
Mari kita menyelamatkan dunia bersama-sama.
-kontrol sederhana, tindakan yang kuat, kuat Ultra Spesial.
-3D penuh Next-Gen grafis.
-Berbagai cara untuk PowerUps pahlawan Anda.
-Karakter tak terbantahkan pesona, animasi dan efek khusus.
-Efek suara besar.

The Ultimate Action Game from M78.
Ultraman Fans Can't Miss This!
Fight against countless waves of classic Ultraman's rival.
Let's save the world together.
- Simple Controls, Robust Actions, Powerful Ultra Specials.
- Full 3D Next-Gen graphic.
- Various ways to PowerUps your heroes.
- Undeniable Charm Characters, Animation and Special Effects.
- Great Sound Effects.

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